Amazon Ads and the ‘Ads that Work as Hard as You Do’ campaign.

Even in its brevity, this campaign manages to capture the essence of the hard work behind each advertising project and reminds us of the importance of wise media placement. A splendid achievement that deserves a closer look.

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Amazon Ads and the ‘Ads that Work as Hard as You Do’ campaign.

Amazon Publicité

Why does this Amazon Ads campaign deserve your attention?

In the fast-paced world of advertising, placement is king. Amazon Ads, in collaboration with the Anomaly agency, offers a light yet poignant reflection on this theme in its latest global campaign.

The dilemma

The massive effort put into creating an advertisement for the fictitious drink “Cheri” is highlighted, underlining the tragic fate of a brilliantly designed but poorly placed ad: a billboard obscured by a tree.

The Amazon Ads Solution:

Amazon Ads steps in as the hero, offering premium alternatives to ensure each advertising campaign gets the positioning it deserves, backed by robust analytics and measurement tools.

The Nod:

The campaign stands out for its self-deprecation, a tribute to the craftsmen of the advertising industry who work tirelessly to bring memorable advertisements to life.

In conclusion.

This 30-second spot, accompanied by three 15-second ads, is currently airing in Europe and Canada, a must-see for fans of #digitalmarketing and #innovativeadvertising.


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