Memorable campaigns from Channel 4, Dove, and Snickers

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Memorable campaigns from Channel 4, Dove, and Snickers

La campagne #TurnYourBack de Dove

Memorable campaigns from Channel 4, Dove, and Snickers

Every week, I invite you to my private sanctuary, a peaceful nook by the lake in the heart of the forest. In this serene spot, I revisit advertisements that have captured my imagination, whether they are recent or still resonate years after their inception.

Channel 4 - Super. Human.: A Revolution in Perception.

In my daily work at Le saint, I’m constantly on the lookout for trends that will define global opening ceremonies, meticulously analyzing the content that accompanies them. And it’s in this context that Channel 4‘s “Super. Human.” campaign for the 2021 Paralympics deeply resonated with me.

It’s more than just an advertisement; it’s a bold cultural shift, moving the focus from Olympians’ physical disabilities to highlight the everyday challenges they face—challenges shared by so many others.

This innovative perspective, combined with the brilliance of the initial visuals, ignited in me an excitement similar to what I feel in my job. This campaign exudes a clear intent, genuine empathy, and strong creativity, embodying the very essence of impactful and moving communication. #EmpathyAndCreativity, these are the pillars of a memorable campaign.

The #TurnYourBack campaign by Dove

TurnYourBack de Dove

For a long time, Dove has been championing self-esteem, a mission that is increasingly significant in the digital age. The brand’s latest alert reveals that 48% of girls who digitally alter their photos have lower self-esteem, compared to 28% of those who don’t use these tools.

Enter the reactive #TurnYourBack campaign, a bold initiative aimed at countering the controversial and hyper-realistic “Bold Glamour” beauty filter. Dove is literally encouraging people to turn their backs on this filter, simultaneously introducing its own #NoDigitalDistortion filter on TikTok. This campaign is backed by creators advocating for self-acceptance, raising awareness about the harm these filters can do to body image. A hashtag viewed more than 40 million times!

Through this approach, Dove is condemning the easy access to photo editing tools, which used to be exclusive to professionals and are now fueling unrealistic beauty standards and damaging self-esteem.

By firmly and promptly standing up against a high-profile platform, Dove stays true to its “No Digital Distortion” policy, forgoing the use of filters and editing tools in its own advertising—a both brave and necessary stance. #NoDigitalDistortion.

Snickers Recovery Room

Within the Snickers Recovery Room directed by David Shane, we witness a hungry surgeon confusing an iPhone with a surgical instrument. Thanks to the iconic “You’re not you when you’re hungry” concept, Siri makes a surprising appearance, adding a layer of humor to an already hilarious scene.

#DavidShane #GuaranteedLaughter

In a swift 30 seconds, Shane delivers a brilliantly timed double-take comedy, proving that simplicity can equate to genius. #30SecondsOfLaughter.


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