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On a long and winding road of pixels: Apple’s advertising saga.

As the world evolves, Apple's advertising campaign adapts, introducing a new and fresh narrative each time to captivate the audience. Apple's latest saga, dedicated to showcasing the endurance of its iPhone 14 battery, is no exception to this rule. Taking the route of a picturesque countryside and pairing with rustic elements, the company presents a series of advertisements as captivating as they are memorable. Let's take a closer look at the twists and turns of this saga and what they reveal about Apple's advertising philosophy.

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On a long and winding road of pixels: Apple’s advertising saga.

Apple publicité

On a long and winding road of pixels: Apple’s advertising saga.

Introducer of modern adventures

Imagine a world where your phone doesn’t let you down, not even on an abandoned country road, where the only companion is a large pumpkin.” This is how Apple, in its recent advertising campaign, embarked on a promotion as playful as it is impactful for the battery life of its iPhone 14.
la saga publicitaire d’Apple

Eternal battery on the country road

In the first of these miniature masterpieces, a lone farmer stands out. Traveling a country road on his tractor, proudly towing a pumpkin to the market, he is accompanied by his trusty iPhone 14 and Apple Maps. The soundtrack is “Two Miles An Hour” by Ludacris, perfectly synchronized with the serene pace of his journey. When he glances at his phone and sees he still has 102 miles to go, the screen proudly displays: “Our longest battery life ever. Relax, it’s the iPhone 14 Plus.

The magic of minimalism

“To explain the subject well, here’s a whimsical and made-up example: It’s as if Apple had traded the sparkling costume of a magician for the simple and honest attire of a storyteller.” The second advertisement, titled “Tractor”, does not rely on breathtaking visual effects or complicated scripts. It’s a humble yet striking depiction of man and his machine, bathed in the bright light of the sun and the continuous reverberation of Ludacris. At its core, the ad evokes the clean aesthetic of Apple’s famous “Get a Mac” campaign, planting a powerful seed in the viewer’s mind with a gentle and steady style.

Goodbye iPhone 14, Welcome iPhone 15

As the latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 14, prepares to say goodbye, the third advertisement shows an old man driving a farm truck carrying a huge pumpkin. The phone plays a significant role here, showcasing its long-lasting battery while playing “Two Miles An Hour” by Ludacris in the background. The ad aims to show that even on an endless road, you can always rely on the iPhone 14 Plus battery.

In summary: Apple and its art of storytelling

These three advertisements paint a portrait that is both eloquent and powerful, an affirmation of Apple’s philosophy that marries aesthetics with efficiency. The journey of the lone farmer on his tractor strikingly illustrates how the iPhone 14 remains a reliable companion, even in the most unlikely of situations.

So, the next time you find yourself on a long country road with only a giant pumpkin for company, remember: your iPhone is there to accompany you. Just as Apple envisioned it for you.


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