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The relentless pursuit of beauty: The ITA Airways odyssey

Dive into the realm of Italian beauty with the captivating new campaign from ITA Airways, in collaboration with VMLY&R and Google.

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The relentless pursuit of beauty: The ITA Airways odyssey

ITA Airways publicité

The relentless pursuit of beauty: The ITA Airways odyssey

How is ITA Airways redefining Italian beauty?

ITA Airways, in collaboration with VMLY&R and with the support of Google for in-depth research on current trends, has launched a groundbreaking advertising campaign, placing Italian Beauty at the heart of its initiatives. In a revitalizing short film, the campaign navigates through strong symbols and iconic locations of Italy, inviting viewers on a quest for beauty and Italian refinement.

So, what does this bold initiative truly reveal about the redefinition of Italian beauty? Let’s break it down together.

The search bar: More than a tool, an invitation

In this short film, the ever-present search bar serves as a poetic invitation for consumers to embark on their own quest through the splendors of Italy. Through this symbol, ITA Airways suggests introspection, a journey that begins virtually but materializes into authentic experiences rich in discoveries

Iconic locations: Exploring Italian treasures

ITA Airways takes us to landmark locations such as Piazza Navona in Rome or the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, sites that are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This campaign thus unveils an Italy with immeasurable cultural and natural wealth, promising an extraordinary travel experience.

Style and art: A celebration of Made in Italy

In a tribute to Italian excellence, ITA Airways showcases the creations of the great Giorgio Armani, synonymous with elegance and refinement. But art is also present with the sublime works of artist Francesco Igory Deiana, adding a profound artistic dimension to this quest for beauty.

Italian hospitality: Warmth and comfort reimagined

Beyond landscapes and art, the campaign emphasizes warm Italian hospitality, promising comfort and well-being to passengers. With special attention given to the desires and expectations of travelers, ITA Airways positions itself as the guardian of the welcoming and warm values that characterize Italy.

A resounding success: A testament to ITA Airways' commitment

With an overwhelming response from the public, reflected by an average occupancy rate of 84%, ITA Airways demonstrates that its customer-centric vision and commitment to Italian excellence are not just marketing promises, but a tangible and rewarding reality.

In conclusion, this new campaign by ITA Airways, beautifully orchestrated by VMLY&R with the support of Google, goes beyond selling airplane tickets. It invites the world to rediscover Italy, a country where beauty isn’t just an aesthetic, but a relentless quest that resonates through its cultural wealth, artistic heritage, and breathtaking landscapes. An open invitation to explore the very essence of #ItalianBeauty.


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